Changing Your Vehicle's Oil is Vital to Engine Performance.

One of the most crucial routine maintenance tasks you can do for your car is an oil change. Regularly taking care of this service, ideally every 3,000 to 4,000 miles, safeguards your engine, extends its lifespan, and boosts overall performance. At NextGen Car Care, we perform expert oil changes regularly using high-quality engine oil designed for your car and driving conditions. We replace oil filters with ones that are manufacturer-recommended.

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Why is Changing the Oil so Important?

Your engine is built with a variety of metal moving parts. These metallic components mustn't come into direct contact and that's where oil does its work. Instead of grinding against each other, causing friction and wear, oil acts as a smooth, protective barrier, keeping everything gliding effortlessly. But oil does more, it's also a:

  • Cooling Agent: It absorbs heat generated by friction, preventing your engine from overheating.
  • Cleaning: It carries away dirt and debris to the oil filter, keeping your engine clean and healthy.
  • Corrosion Fighter: It forms a protective film on metal surfaces, reducing damage from rust and decay.

By taking care of your oil, you're taking care of your engine's future. Regular oil changes keep this vital fluid fresh and clean, ensuring your car runs smoothly and for many more miles.

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The Process We Use for a Quality Oil Change Experience

Our oil change process is built on years of experience in providing high-quality service, regardless of the job's size. As the most common maintenance service, changing your oil provides us with an opportunity to inspect your car for potential issues. We check for leakage, signs of wear and tear, damaged components, and tire wear.

After a visual inspection, we start your oil change by draining as much of the old oil out as we can. (To be environmentally responsible, we recycle the old oil.) The drain plug is inspected each time we drain the oil pan, and if it appears damaged or corroded, we replace it. We also remove and dispose of your used oil filter, clean the filter connections, and install a new oil filter specified for your engine. We will secure the fit of the oil filter but not over torque it. Now the new oil filter is ready to effectively filter debris and contaminants from the oil before reaching your engine and its moving parts.

We replace the old oil with new, high-quality automotive oil that meets your manufacturer’s recommendations, the weather, and your typical driving conditions. Ensuring your vehicle has the appropriate oil level, based on its capacity specifications, is crucial. Too much or too little oil can risk damaging your engine, so we make sure your oil level is correct.

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After we run the engine, check the oil levels again, we'll give your car one more inspection before returning it to you with its new supply of fresh oil. We'll let you know if we found anything that might need addressing soon or in the near future. Book your oil change appointment now and give your car the gift of a NextGen professional auto maintenance service it will love.

Why You Can Trust NextGen Car Care for Your Repairs, Maintenance, and Inspections.

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