Suspension Service and Repair in Clinton, NY.

Your suspension system is engineered to provide a smooth and stable driving experience. When issues arise, you may notice increased vibrations, a tendency to pull to one side, or heightened sensitivity to road bumps. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it's crucial to schedule an appointment at our shop for a thorough inspection of your suspension system.

Visual and Diagnostic Inspection

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Our inspection begins with a meticulous examination of your entire suspension system. We look for leaks in shock absorbers, damaged or corroded springs, and any issues with control arms or related components. If your vehicle exhibits an uneven lean, we address it. Additionally, we conduct a bounce test to assess the performance of shocks and springs. Following a visual inspection, we employ diagnostic measuring tools to gauge how various components contribute to a stable ride.

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Suspension Systems Components and Repairs


  • Function: Absorb bumps and maintain even weight distribution.
  • Issues: Rust, cracks, or sagging over time.
  • Solution: Replacement with new springs tailored to your car model.


  • Function: Combine spring and shock absorber functions in a single unit.
  • Issues: Similar to shock absorbers - fluid leaks, worn mounts, or rust.
  • Solution: Replacement with new struts, often requiring specialized tools and alignment.

Sway Bars

  • Function: Reduce body roll during cornering by connecting opposite wheels.
  • Issues: Bushings wear out, links bend, or the bar corrodes.
  • Solution: Replacement of worn or damaged parts, ensuring proper sway bar function and alignment.

Steering Knuckle

  • Function: Connect wheel hub to suspension, allowing for steering input.
  • Issues: Damage from accidents leading to misalignment or binding.
  • Solution: Replacement often necessary, involving specialized tools and alignment adjustments.

Shock Absorbers

  • Function: Dampen spring rebound and control wheel movement.
  • Issues: Worn seals leading to fluid leakage and reduced damping.
  • Solution: Replacement with new shock absorbers.

Control Arms

  • Function: Connect chassis to wheels, enabling steering and suspension movement.
  • Issues: Worn bushings, loosened ball joints, or bending in accidents.
  • Solution: Replacement of worn or damaged parts, including bushings, ball joints, or the entire control arm.


  • Function: Cushion components, absorbing vibrations and allowing slight movement.
  • Issues: Dry rot, cracks, or tears due to age and wear.
  • Solution: Replacement with new bushings, often requiring specialized tools and pressing equipment.

Tie Rods and Ends

  • Function: Connect steering wheel to wheels, translating steering input into turning.
  • Issues: Worn joints, bent rods, or rust affecting steering precision and safety.
  • Solution: Replacement usually necessary, often requiring alignment afterward.

If you're encountering vibrations, uneven steering, or a rough ride, your suspension system may be the culprit. Our comprehensive visual and diagnostic inspection will determine the health of your car's suspension. From springs to sway bars, we address rust, wear, and damage to ensure your vehicle regains its smooth and stable ride. Trust our skilled team of licensed auto mechanics in Clinton, NY, to prioritize your safety and comfort. Schedule an appointment for suspension repair today and rely on us to keep you rolling smoothly on the road.

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