Automotive Alignment Repairs in Clinton, NY

Do you notice your car pulling to one side, wobbling at high speeds, or sluggish steering? These could be telltale signs of a misalignment, a problem that can impact your car's performance and your tire's lifespan.

At NextGen Car Care, we offer expert wheel alignment services for all makes and models of cars, trucks, and vans. We'll diagnose the issue quickly and efficiently, and then get your wheels back in line with manufacturer specifications, ensuring a smooth, safe, and fuel-efficient drive.

Here's how misaligned wheels can affect your car:

  • Uneven tire wear: Misalignment causes irregular tire wear, shortening their life and costing you more in the long run.
  • Poor handling: Your car may pull to one side, making driving difficult and even dangerous.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency: Misaligned wheels increase friction, resulting in wasted fuel.
  • Steering problems: Steering may feel loose or unresponsive, compromising your control.

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What Causes My Car to Lose Alignment?

At times, the regular use of a car can naturally lead to it falling out of alignment. Components such as ball joints and bushings may start to wear out over time. This underscores the importance of regularly checking your alignment, especially for cars that are five years old or older. Other factors contributing to misalignment include worn steering mechanisms or uneven tire inflation. Additionally, sudden jolts like hitting a pothole, a curb, or being in a fender bender can throw a car out of alignment.

How Important is Getting My Car Aligned?

Ensuring your car's alignment is crucial. A misaligned car can impact its ability to be steered predictably, accelerate tire wear, reduce fuel efficiency, and require more effort to keep the vehicle within the lane. It also places undue strain on the suspension system, leading to potentially expensive repairs.

How Often Should I Get My Alignment Checked?

As part of routine maintenance, it is advisable to have your alignment inspected biannually or every 25,000 miles. Signs of alignment issues, such as steering problems or vibrations at higher speeds, may necessitate more immediate attention. If you encounter a significant impact, like hitting a pothole or curb, prompt inspection is recommended. Uneven tire wear is also an indication of a potential alignment problem.

How We Fix Your Car's Alignment

After thoroughly inspecting your suspension components and tire wear, we employ next-level alignment equipment to precisely measure camber, caster, and toe angles. These measurements tell us everything about your tires' tilt, steering axis angle, and how they track together.

With the data in hand, we address any issues like uneven tire tilt (camber), compromised steering due to steering axis tilt (caster), or tire wear caused by toe angles. We make precise adjustments or replace worn parts if needed. Finally, we balance your tires to ensure they roll smoothly with your fixed wheel alignment.

The NextGen difference: Our ultimate goal? Bringing your wheel alignment back to factory specs, maximizing your car's performance and adding miles to your tires' life.

Why You Can Trust Us for Your Alignment Repairs

The Nimey family tackled the automotive repair industry in 1964 and has been a staple of quality and trustworthy service ever since. We are the Next Generation of what was started way back then!  Since 2008, NextGen Car Care has provided motorists in Central NY with comprehensive auto repair services.

We only use factory authorized parts. Our vehicle repair services are performed with only the best quality parts and fluids GUARANTEED. NO SHORTCUTS.

You shouldn’t wait until your vehicle’s stopping power is compromised. Contact NextGen Car Care and let’s keep your vehicle running optimally. We can handle all your car’s repairs.

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