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Ford cars, trucks, and vans are the most popular fleet of vehicles in the United States with the highest market share. Fords are also highly ranked for having some of the longest running vehicles in America. With proper professional care and maintenance, your Ford can be a reliable, hardworking, and long lasting car for work and play. At NextGen Car Care can keep you and your Ford on the road and moving.

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NextGen Car Care has long been an expert Ford repair shop. Our family has been serving our customers in the Clinton, NY area for over 60 years. Because it's an American made car, it's easy to find the necessary parts and equipment to service your Ford vehicle. We stock a wide selection of Ford replacement parts which allows us to get you back on the road quickly. Our team of expert Ford service technicians will diagnose and fix any issues you are experiencing or provide routine maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


NextGen Car Care services all the top Ford Models:

● Ford Bronco
● Ford Mustang
● Ford F-Series
● Ford Fusion

  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Explorer
  • Ford Edge
  • Ford Ranger
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Trust NextGen Auto for Service and Repairs of Your Ford

We know that routine maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your Ford. But even the most reliable cars can need repairs sometimes. If you experience any of these common Ford issues, or anything else concerning, bring it to our experts! We're familiar with all types of Ford repairs and can get you back on the road quickly.

Why Is My Ford Not Starting?

There can be several reasons why your Ford vehicle is not starting. The most common cause is battery trouble, especially in a cold climate such as Clinton. Signs of a bad battery include a slow-cranking engine or clicking when you try to start the vehicle. Many times, the simple fix is jumping the engine to get it to turn over. However, more severe signs include a bulging battery case, visible signs of corrosion, or a rotten egg smell. In this case, it is best to replace the battery as most car batteries only last 3 to 4 years depending on mileage and climate.

If you can get power to the vehicle, other common reasons a car will not start are a failing alternator, a bad starter or ignition switch, or a faulty fuel pump. Sometimes the remedy is as easy as cleaning connections or replacing cables. Other times you may require a new part. Bringing your vehicle to a trusted mechanic such as NextGen Car Care will ensure a proper diagnosis and high-quality, long-lasting repair.

Why Does My Ford Jerk While Accelerating?

Smooth acceleration makes for an enjoyable driving experience. When you step on the gas you want your car to respond. You want to hear the rev of your engine and feel the pickup of speed you need to merge into traffic. One of the worst feelings, next to unresponsive brakes, is having your car jerk or stutter when trying to accelerate.

Your Ford may experience jerking motions due to transmission problems. We will first check for a simple solution such as low transmission fluid, dirty fuel injectors, or defective torque converters. These common Ford transmission problems can be handled quickly and economically in our Clinton repair center.

Why Is My Ford Leaking Coolant?

No one wants to see wet or discolored spots in their driveway. While it could just be condensation from running the air conditioning, more often it indicates a coolant leak. Ford’s are known to leak coolant. Some warning signs might include your engine running hotter than normal, the check engine light going on and off, a noisy engine, or even having your car interior smell like coolant.

Coolant leaks in your Ford vehicle are not something you want to ignore. While topping off the coolant level may seem like a quick fix, there could be serious trouble under the hood. Sometimes leaks are simple fixes such as replacing leaky hoses or connections. However, coolant leaks are typically caused by damaged radiators, bad water pumps, or even cracked engine blocks. These are serious issues that can leave you stranded or lead to an engine seizing if not taken care of. Make an appointment at our car care center to have your Ford leak worked on by a licensed pro.

Why Is My Ford So Loud?

If your Ford's engine is getting louder over time it could indicate a problem. Often performing simple maintenance such as oil changes, replacing an air filter, new spark plugs, or even unclogging a tailpipe can get you running as good as new. However, it could also be a sign of more serious issues that require a skilled Ford auto repair technician to diagnose and repair.

Many parts in your Ford’s engine will wear or even break over time. We are well-versed in repairing manifolds, catalytic converters, and bearings. No one wants to break down on the side of a road. If your Ford is running too loud, bring it into our shop. We specialize in Ford oil changes.

What Causes My Ford to Shake or Shudder?

Shaking and shuddering can be felt while accelerating, braking, or normal driving. Ford vehicles are known for their great handling and for hugging the road. So when your vehicle starts to lose that feel, it's normal to be concerned. At NextGen Car Care we start with your tires and brakes. Worn tires and brakes are a common cause for shaking and shuddering. Have us check the tread of your tires to see if you need replacement tires. Sometimes it is as simple as adding air, cleaning a muddy tire, or tightening your lug nuts. If it's not your tires, we will look at your brake pads. Pads can last up to 7 years before a replacement is needed, so we'll make sure that your pads aren't the cause of the problem.

However, shaking and shuddering in your Ford can indicate a more serious issue. Wheels can be knocked out of alignment by a pothole or a curb and this can lead to steering issues and wobbling. Axles, control arms, or transmission mounts can also become bent or broken which can lead to wobbling and even serious accidents. If you experience a shake or shudder, bring it in today for our professional Ford brake repair service.


Why Did the Heat Stop Working in My Ford?

Waking up on a cold Clinton, NY, morning to find no heat pumping out of your vents is a chilling experience. Unfortunately, this can be a common problem for Ford vehicles. While not having heat is better than an overheating engine, it may not feel that way as you shiver down the road.

The issue could be as simple as low coolant levels, clogged filters, blown fuse, or blocked ducts. These are all items we check during routine maintenance. However, your loss of heat could also be due to a faulty thermostat or actuator, broken heater blower motor, dead blower capacitor, or even a cracked heat exchanger. Regular use, especially through large temperature changes, can cause these issues to affect your car to heat. We will get your hot air running and you'll enjoy a toasty warm interior in no time.

NextGen service technician repairing loose hose under hood of vehicle.

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The best way to avoid any of the problems above is to have your Ford regularly maintained by a professional such as the technicians working in our Clinton, NY service center. NextGen has been a trusted name in the community since 2008. Our highly trained technicians will keep your Ford car, truck, van, or SUV running smoothly by only using the best factory-authorized quality parts and fluids GUARANTEED.


NextGen Car Care offers a full array of services including NY State inspections, tire rotation and replacement, and even rust prevention for your Ford, or any other household or work, vehicle. Call us at 315.381.3444 to schedule an appointment, or stop by to visit us in person.