Chevrolet Repair and Maintenance Services in Clinton, NY

Chevy is known for producing popular cars, trucks, and vans that are affordable and fun to drive. Chevy drivers are loyal to their brand and will rarely buy or drive anything else. With proper professional care and maintenance, your Chevy can be a reliable, hardworking, and long lasting car for work and play. At NextGen Car Care we offer expert Chevrolet repair services and maintenance that can keep you on the road running smoothly and worry free.

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NextGen Car Care has long been an expert Chevrolet repair shop. Our family has been serving our customers in the Clinton, NY area for over 60 years. Because it's an American made car, it's easy to find the necessary parts and equipment to service your Chevy vehicle. We stock a wide selection of Chevrolet replacement parts which allows us to get you back on the road quickly. Our team of expert Chevrolet service technicians will diagnose and fix any issues you are experiencing or provide routine maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


NextGen Car Care services all the top Chevy Models:

●  Chevrolet Equinox
●  Chevrolet Camaro
●  Chevrolet Silverado
●  Chevrolet Malibu

  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Chevrolet Traverse
  • Chevrolet Corvette
Chevrolet Maintenance NextGen Car Care

Trust NextGen Auto for Service and Repairs of Your Chevy

We know that routine maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your Chevrolet. But even the most reliable cars can need repairs sometimes. If you experience any of these common Chevy issues, or anything else concerning, bring it to our experts! We're familiar with all types of Chevrolet repairs and can get you back on the road quickly.

Why Is My Chevrolet Not Starting Up?

When your Chevy won’t start, the most common issue is a dead battery. Batteries lose charge over time, especially in cold climates like Clinton. If you suspect a low charge, you can check it with a battery tester or try jumpstarting the battery. Signs of a bad battery include a slow-cranking engine or clicking when you try to start the vehicle. Most car batteries only last 3 to 4 years depending on mileage and climate so it is best to get them replaced before finding out your Chevrolet will not start.

If you can get power to the vehicle, other common reasons a car will not start are a failing alternator, a bad starter or ignition switch, or a faulty fuel pump. Sometimes the remedy is as easy as cleaning connections or replacing cables. Other times you may require a new part. Bringing your vehicle to a trusted mechanic such as NextGen Car Care will ensure a proper diagnosis for your Chevrolet and high-quality, long-lasting repair.

Why Does My Chevrolet Pull While Trying to Turn?

Having your vehicle pull in a different direction than intended can be a scary experience. Many Chevrolet owners report issues with their steering and turning. Some common causes include issues with the power steering system or intermediate steering shaft. NextGen Car Care is well equipped to remedy these issues following a proper diagnosis.

However, we often find that a Chevy will start to pull to one side because of an alignment issues. Due to normal driving wear and tear, your wheels can become misaligned causing balance issues in the form of pulling. These issues can also be caused by hitting a curb (or an upstate New York pothole), and even from off-roading. Not to worry, NextGen Car Care specializes in Chevrolet alignment service and repair.

Why Are Warning Lights On In My Chevrolet?

Engine problems are a common occurrence for Chevy vehicles as they age. No one wants to experience that sinking feeling of being stranded when faced with a stalled engine. Regular maintenance can help avoid this situation, but even with the best care it can still happen. Bringing your vehicle to our trained mechanics to diagnose and repair the issue related to your warning light is important.

Chevrolet warning lights often come on due to engine trouble. Common reasons include faulty sensors, valves, or emissions issues. While it can be safe to drive short distances with a warning light on, they are meant to be an early warning that your car needs mechanical attention. Bringing your vehicle into NextGen Car Care for a proper diagnosis and repair can help avoid serious issues such as seized or cracked engines, which are more costly replacements. We specialize in diagnosing Chevrolet warning lights to find the best method of repair and maintenance for your vehicle.

Why Do I Hear Knocking From My Chevrolet?

Engine knock in a Chevrolet is something we are asked about quite often. Typically, this knocking sound is due to a build up of sludge on components due to infrequent oil changes. The good news is that regularly scheduling oil changes with quality grade motor oil can help. However, it could also be a sign of more serious issues that require a skilled Chevrolet auto repair technician to diagnose and repair.

Many parts in your Chevy’s engine will wear or even break over time. We are trained experts in repairing manifolds, catalytic converters, and bearings. No one wants to break down on the side of a road. If your Chevy is running too loud or knocking, bring it into our shop. We specialize in Chevrolet oil changes.

Why is My Chevrolet Shaking or Shuddering?

Chevy vehicles are known for their great handling and for hugging the road. Shaking and shuddering that occurs when accelerating, braking, or even in normal driving is worthy of concern.  At NextGen Car Care we start by inspecting your tires and brakes. Worn tires and brakes are a common cause for shaking and shuddering. Have us check the tread of your tires to see if you need replacement tires. Sometimes it is as simple as adding air, cleaning a muddy tire, or tightening your lug nuts. If it's not your Chevrolet's tires, we will look at your brake pads. Pads can last up to 7 years before a replacement is needed, so we'll make sure that your pads aren't the cause of the problem. If they are, NextGen is the best place to go for Chevorlet brake repair services.

However, shaking and shuddering in your Chevy can indicate a more serious issue. Axles, control arms, or transmission mounts can also become bent or broken which can lead to wobbling and even serious accidents. If you experience a shake or shudder, bring it in today for our professional Chevrolet repair and maintenance services.

Why did the Air Conditioning Stop Working in My Chevy?

While Clinton is known for its cold weather, summers here can get really hot. Having working air conditioning in your Chevy will make the long summer months much easier to deal with or even enjoy. If your air conditioning system is no longer able to provide you with cool air, then we can help.

The issue could be as simple as recharging the cooling system with refrigerant. (We check your refrigerant levels during NYS inspection services for your Chevrolet.) However, your air conditioning issues could be due to a broken condenser or compressor. Our technicians will find out the reason and let you know how we can fix your Chevy's AC and get cool air flowing again.

NextGen service technician repairing loose hose under hood of vehicle.

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The best way to avoid any of the problems above is to have your Chevrolet regularly maintained by a professional such as the technicians working in our Clinton, NY service center. NextGen has been a trusted name in the community since 2008. Our highly trained technicians will keep your Chevy car, truck, van, or SUV running smoothly by only using the best factory-authorized quality parts and fluids GUARANTEED.


NextGen Car Care offers a full array of services including NY State inspectionsrust prevention, and even services financing for your Chevrolet, or any other household or work, vehicle. Call us at 315.381.3444 to schedule an appointment, or stop by to visit us in person.